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Wild Game

The game birds we sell are shot on the Isle of Wight after living free range their whole lives. Game is low in cholesterol, high in protein and extra lean making it one of the healthiest meats available. Because game is wild and natural it is also a very environmentally friendly meat. Game birds are traditionally roasted in the oven, but are also delicious in casseroles, pies, pate and soups. Game will be fresh between October and January but frozen throughout the rest of the year.


Pheasant Brace
Price:  £6.95/each
Single Wild Pheasant
Price:  £3.50/each
Pheasant Crown
Price:  £1.95/each
Pheasant Breasts
Size: 250g/each
Estimated Price:  £13.00/kg
Partridge Brace
Price:  £6.00/each
Single Wild Partridge
Price:  £3.00/each
Partridge Breasts
Size: 250g/each
Estimated Price:  £15.00/kg
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